Thursday, December 18, 2008

College mein Fun

Hi! To all out there. I really love the storiessection of this site..i have read each andevery story on this site and after thinking a lot Ihave decided to put my story as well. This is a veryrecent incident which had shown me heaven. Firstly, let tell u something about myself. I am 18 yrold tall, fair complexion, good health, and not lookbad. I am studying in a good college of delhi in 1styr.This incident happened to me in college itself,which changed my life. In my class there were many girls, but there were only twogirls,Rani and Pooja, who were soooo sexy that as soonas a man look at them, the first thing he thought isto fuck them. I was also dying to have sex with them, but everyonecan only think and not fuck her because they don’ttalk to any boy in college, I don’t know why. But itwas my luck that I was able to fuck Rani, now I willtell u how all this happened.

As u know that there is annual fesival in every college. About amonth ago our college also had its annual festival. Ihad a drama where I had the lead role. Before thedrama I was going to put on my costume. But thechanging room was already full with many people changing there and there was not much.Space for me to change, so as many were going totoilet to change and many were going in some emptyclasses. I also started to look for a empty and Ithought of going to the second floor, I know that there will be no one there, because everyone was downstairs or most probably on the firstfloor. I went to the second floor. No one was there insight. I was going to enter a room when I heard aslight moan. It was coming from the room adjacent to mine. Thinking that someone wasin trouble I rushed to the room. The lights were off.When I put the light on I was completely taken abackby what I saw. Sitting in a corner Rani, my classmate,whom I dream of fucking, was fingering herself! She hadremoved her panties but her large boobs were stillunder arrest by her T-shirt and bra.

I could notbelieve my eyes. Rani was my fantasy girl about whom Ihad fantasised from the time I first saw her. I had always wanted to fuck her betweenher huge boobs, which were very large for her age. Ihad always wanted to suck them and always wanted tofuck her . Rani was very white which improved herfuckingly beautiful face. As soon as I saw her cunt, I was transfixed. I wantedto go away but my legs wont oblige. Rani too wascompletely surprised.She had never thought that anyonewould catch in her perfect hide out. But even then shedidn\'t stop fingering herself and even smiled.That was the only encouragement that I needed, I putthe lights off and as it was not very dark there, Icould see my darling clearly. I started taking off myclothes and unzipped my pants giving relief to myaching cock. Rani\'s eyes didn\'t budge away from my crotch foreven a second. I neatly folded my clothes anddispatched it away. By this time Rani started removingher T-shirt and bra as well as her half pulled downjeans. Seeing her boobs I was knocked out.

These were boobs seeing which any woman willbecome jealous. This was also the first time I hadseen a lady naked outside the T.V. It was also thefirst time that Rani was seeing a cock. Thus both ofus were virgins but both wanted sex badly. I went towhere she was sitting. I was feeling nervous and herface told that she too had the same feeling. Slowlywith shaking hands I touched her warm mammaries. They were like heaven. Rani closed her eyes. I startedKissing her on her face and when our tongues met allthe nervousness were drained. We kissed passionatelyfor sometime. All these while my hands were playingwith her cunt and thick pubic hair. I started to lickher boobs and slowly started sucking them. Ranistarted to groan. We were in a world of ourselves and forgot thatwe were in a college classroom and could be found outany time. I started sucking her tits and with one handpressed her other tit while the other was busy betweenher legs. Rani was become totally turned on and her cunt startedbecoming wet. I sucked each tit alternately for sometime and would have continued it till eternity if Raniwould not have stopped me.

I moved downwards kissingher whole body from neck till I reached the treasure of awoman(pussy) and started to lick it slowly with mytongue rubbing her clit. She was moaning badly andafter sometime put my tongue in her cunt and startedtongue fucking her. She was screming like anything, Iwas afraid that some could hear us but when u r busydoing the lovliest thing like fucking who have time tothink about anything else. As I incresed my speed she started to moan more wildlyand after sometime she started cumming and I opened mymouth and took all her sweet love juice down mythroat. After I laid on my back and she got down antstarted to suck my cock real hard, it seems that noone could stop her now. After few minutes I felt likewas about to cum and quickly said to her that I amabout to cum but she didn’t listen and increased hersucking speed and now it was uncontrolable and Istarted to shot loads of cum in her mouth and to mysurprise not even a single drop came out of her mouthshe drank all my juice and was still sucking my cockalthough it was now gone semi-hard. But she with hersoft hands gave a little squeeze to my cock and I wasshocked to see that my cock was hardening again aftershooting a huge amount of cum. Now she wanted me to fill her cunt with my manhood and I too thought thatit was time to do the ultimate. We got up and I laidher down on the floor.

I could not control myselfanymore on seeing her naked on the floor with her legswide spread as if calling me to releive them. I wantedto lick them but had very less time as my drama couldstart any time. So I spread her legs wide apart andcaught my dick in my hands. I could not believe what Iwas going to do. I was going to fulfill my fantasy. Ibecame a little nervous. I was afraid. But at that moment I could not control myself and so I put myvirgin dick into her virgin cunt. The cunt walls weretight, slowly I put my dick inside her dripping holeand reached the hilt. She shouted. But both of us.Wanted it very badly so I started pumping slowly andshe was screaming and was telling to stop because itwas causing pain to her. I told her that as this is urfirst time it will pain a little in starting but after some time uwill feel like u r in heaven. I starded to move mydick in and out of her and after some time she wasalso moaning and asking for faster and harder and withthat words I started to fuck her like hell. Afterfucking her really fast,

I felt her tightening and Itoo had reached the hilt. I took a deep breath andemptied all my cum into her. She too started gettingher orgasm and I lay exhausted over her. I laid on herfor some minutes and Quickly I put on my costume . Rani took some time to put back her dress. We kissedfor the last time and I went down. My friends werewaiting for me as our drama was after a while. AfterThat incident we became fast friends. I have fuckedher many times after that day and we have tried almost each every style. We have seen manyx-rated movies and tried their styles as well. Now weboth r thinking of including Pooja also with us.Afterthat I have brought some of my friends to have sexwith her and she had brought some of her friends tohave sex with me.ALL THE HOT LADIES CAN CONNECT ME FOR.. *WINK*(APPLICABLE ONLY IN RAJASTHAN)

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