Monday, December 15, 2008

Neha Ki Chudai

Hello this is Adil chaudhary from bahawalpur, 25 year old .. I m recently appointed as medical officer in hospital over here in bahawal pur...the incident happened to me one month ago ... First let me tell abt myself... Im 25 y old 5'7" by height i look younger than my age.. Having 7" solid cock. This story begins when i was checking patients in emergency deptt. It was time of evening round about 5 o clock .... There were lots of patients ... And i was busy in checking patients...meanwhile i realized that a very good looking well figured well dressed girl was standing near the door... After checking other patients i turned my head up and stared at her(she was 25 by age 5'6" by height fair colour very sexy figure 36 28 34 red cheeks beautiful big eyes with naughty look wearing shalwar qameez)after completing my survey i said .. Yes what's ur problem.. How can i help u .. She said im having pain in left arm pit ... I asked is there any kind of swelling there(as ca breast and other breast disease usually involve swelling in armpit) she replied i dont know u can check by urself ... I examined her... There was no swelling and i realized that there was no pain as well.. I asked about focus of pain.. She than pointed to the other armpit that now pain is shifted here.. I than got that she is cheating me for the sake of fun .. I checked the other side and meanwhile i was checking i grasp her left breast .. She moaned and said i m getting relief .. I realized the situation(i thought she requires something horny) .,.. As it was hospital i was not in position to do any thing .. I give her medicine(simple pain killer) and told her not to worry and by giving her my no. I told her(by giving naughty smile) she can contact me on my no. If problem persists. She went at that time. Next day was sunday .. I recieved call in morning when i was sleeping .. It was she (oh sorry her name was neha as she told later)i asked her about pain .. She replied it didnt settled .. She asked can i visit u now as i m having sever pain .. I told her my home address.. She arrived after 30 min... Oh my God she was really stunning beauty wearing sleaveless shirt ..and very tight shalwar fully exposing her figure..i asked her to sit on soofa .. And relax there.. I asked about she pointed to her left breast( with naughty smile on her face). I fully understand the story that she wanna real hot fun.i grasp her breast slowly masage her breast ... I said can i see ur breast .. As i wanna fully examine to localize and diagnose the disease .. She undressed her shirt .. Unhooked her bra .. Oh my God she was real beauty .. 36 with pink nipple i have not seen pink nipple by that time .. It was really ist time ... I got mad,, i masage her ..I asked how she feeling .. She said gud.. Can i masage with my tongue .. She replied positively .. I started that... She was now moaning after about 5 min she said doctor im feeling pain at my lower abdomen as well.. I started licking there now she unweared her shalwar as well .. And was saying please go little under... I started licking her cute cunt .. It was now wet .. After 2 min she was really moaning .. Saying doctor ur really good.. She turned down started to kiss my lips .. I abruptly undressed myself... She saw my 7 inch solid cock she take it in mouth .. Oh my God i was in heaven .. She was really master of that .. The best sucking ihave had .. I was now fully motivated and hot .. I again lick her cunt for 5 min .. And now she was ready to have best fuck(as she told later) i moved in her legs .. Put my cock(penis) inside her.. She moaned vigourously ... She was crying saying doctor harder harder .. I went for more hard .. Holded her legs on my shoulder ..and went for more strokes.. She was really enjoying....after about 15 Min. We both ejaculated.. After that we had many times these kind of vigorous sex she was married and her husband was out of country for business... This was for the ist time i have written.. So there might be mistakes.. Anyways any girl, aunty ...or any unsatisfied lady can contact me .. Moreover any lady who thinks that she is well satisfied can contact .. I will let them now wat the real sex is.. Moreover i need ur feed back.... So u must email about this real fantasy .. At I will be waiting especially from area around bahawalpur i.e bwp rahim yar khan and multan upto lhr and fbd thanks

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